Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

We strive for the highest standards for our children in a happy and safe school environment. We aim to provide a secure and supportive school which enables every child to:
  • Always be positive, to achieve our goals and to work hard and to do our best
  • Encourage good manners and respect for each other, staff and visitors.
  • Ask questions and to try and find the answers to our problems through investigation and exploring.
  • Become an enthusiastic, confident, independent learner
  • Develop self-discipline, self-respect and self-esteem
  • Appreciate and value our own work and the work of others.
  • Become responsible members of our community, and respect other people.
  • Respect other religions as well as our own, and to think about how we behave towards others.
  • Think about our attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • Work confidently with other children from within the Link Academy.
  • Develop their awareness of the environment, and recognise their personal role in conserving and developing it.

The curriculum offered should:
  • Be broad and balanced
  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum
  • Offer activity-centred approaches and first hand experiences
  • Meet the spiritual, moral, cultural, academic and physical needs of every child
  • Be supported by the best standard of resourcing possible. 

As a whole, we encourage positive links between its member schools within the Link Academy and parents, local community, local secondary schools, other primary schools and the wider world.

To work in partnership with the Crediton Learning Community.
British Values