Forest School

Ash Class
Oak Class
Well being week (03/06.11.20) - Willow and Birch Class
We braved the weather and headed to the top of the field for our forest school sessions on Tuesday and Friday. All the children had a lovely time and managed to stay dry (ish) and warm!
The children all completed three activities as well a having time to explore and play. They made:
  •  wood cookie necklaces using a bow saw, palm drill and hand drill.
  •  clay prints of their favourite leaves and Birch class also made clay faces and they are hidden on the trees.
  •  mandala art using natural resources.
We finished off our day with a hot chocolate and biscuit around our new fire pit area!
Willow Class
 Birch Class
This week during our Forest School session the children played huggy bears, went on an animal hunt, made homes for their animals and some children challenged themselves to use the bow saw to cut some wood!
Today session was based on the story ‘Not A Stick’, the children went on a stick hunt and chose a favourite one. They then decided all the different things they could use there ‘not-a-stick’ for and some children decided to add decorations. We finished of the session with a hot chocolate and a biscuit.
25th January 2020 - Reception children from Willow Class
We had a great first Forest School session today despite the cold, wet, windy weather!
We started with 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', the children found a bear hiding in a log pile! They then chose a variety of activities from making mud paint, mud painting, walking the plank and exploring the area.
The Year 1 children have been enjoying their forest school sessions on a Thursday afternoon. We have been exploring the outdoor areas despite the winter weather! They have been building dens, planting hazel trees and having fun getting muddy! They have also been using some different tools and learning how to do this safely, they have used a bow saw and a hammer to make weaving tree cookies! The most important bit, having a hot chocolate and biscuit at the end of the afternoon to warm themselves up!
Today (28/03/19) the children used a safety knife to make a sharp stick for toasting marshmallows. They were all very sensible when toasting their marshmallows and enjoyed eating them!
Today (14th February) the children went hunting for 'animals' and then built homes for them. They all really enjoyed themselves and made some amazing homes. They decided they wanted to leave the animals out overnight to see if they would stay dry and warm! Fingers crossed!