Attendance Matters

We need every child to be an Attendance Hero because ATTENDANCE MATTERS!

If a child is not in school then a child is not learning and in order for children to achieve their full potential then learning is what they need to be doing. 
We understand that children can't help being poorly and sometimes they will have an illness that will mean that they need to take time off school and perhaps even visit the doctor but as parents, we are asking you to stop and think before allowing your child to stay off school. 
Sometimes, our children have colds or other mild illnesses, they may not feel like their normal self but they are probably well enough to come to school. Children have to learn that for adult life, they need resilience in order to cope. If, as adults, we regularly took time off for a cold, we wouldn't have a job!
Before letting your child stay at home, ask:
  • Are they well enough to come to school?
  • Is your child's attendance already cause for concern?
  • Would they feel better if they had some paracetamol? If so, they if you are unable to come to school to administer an additional dose during the school day, please ask the office for the appropriate forms.
  • Are they not wanting to come to school because they are worried about something, either at home or at school?
 The minimum satisfactory attendance as set by the Government is 96%.

Absences soon add up, 80% attendance is the same as having 1 day off a week.
Any child with below 90% attendance, regardless of the reason for the absence is considered to be a persistent absentee. Persistent absentees are less likely to achieve their full potential and may be referred to the Education Welfare Officer.