Recovery Curriculum

As part of our journey of recovery, we have put in place a recovery curriculum which we will be using and working through across the March and into the Summer term.

Creative Recovery Curriculum

Across the last few weeks the children have been working really creatively in class and producing lots of lovely work as part of our recovery curriculum.

Willow class have been working on ourselves and how each of us is special. They have been painting their own self portraits and looking at the work of Picasso.

Birch class have been designing and making their own shelter structures and all made some super structures.

Ash class who used the book ‘Oh the places that we go’ as part of their English recovery curriculum, all wrote some lovely letters to their future selves and made their own hot air balloons.

Oak class have been busy designing and making their own ‘Flanimals’ as well as beginning their topic on World War II by painting their own water colour scenes and writing letters from the frontline.