Science Week

We started the week with two Science workshops from Fizz Pop Science. KS1 took part in Air Mazing Air and learnt all about how air travels and fills spaces. The children experimented with how air moves, tested rockets and made their own spinners. KS2 took part in Crazy Chemists and learnt all about the properties of liquids, tested liquids to see if they were either an acid or an alkali and made their own slime. A big thank you to FOTSMS who paid for the workshop.


Across the rest of the week the children worked in their colour teams and worked with each teacher carrying out a variety of science experiments and activities. These included ‘Making it Fly’, ‘Sneeze Zone’, ‘Be seen, Be safe’, ‘Making Perfume’ and many others. All the children really enjoyed all the activities and had great fun.

We finished the week with a Science fair, where the children had the opportunity to share their scientific understanding and some of the experiments that they had carried out this week.