Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power

We have started looking at Building Learning Power with all our children. Please see the pack that has been sent out to you about this and how you can support your children at home. We will be focusing our efforts looking Resilience and building and developing this in the classroom and across school.

Within Resilience we will be looking at

  • Managing Distractions - recognising and reducing distractions; knowing when to walk away and refresh yourself. Creating your own best environment for learning.
  • Perseverance - keeping going in the face of difficulties, channelling the energy of frustration productively. Knowing what a slow and uncertain process learning often is.
  • Absorption - being able to lose yourself in learning in what you are doing; rapt and attentive, in a state of 'flow'.
  • Noticing - Perceiving subtle nuances, patterns and details in experience.
Oak Class have been talking a lot about resilience this week and trying to build our own personal toolkit to develop resilience. They have created some lovely pieces linked to the Mr. Men/ Little Miss book 'You are Brilliant' that contain motivational messages for each other.
Across the week each class had a Forest School session with a focus on resilience, over coming problems, showing perseverance and working together as a team. 
To be resourceful, we need to:
-use what we know
-assess our ‘problem first’ (it might not be as big as we think!)
-think carefully about what we want to achieve/what we are trying to do first
In the classroom:

Other things we can use to help us when we are stuck are:

classroom resources (will using counters help you?)

your book

a book from the library

an iPad

a dictionary or thesaurus

To support this across school we asked the children how they could be resourceful at home using Lego and inspired by Mr Parkers effort at Christmas.